Taken from guy on Facebook named Lenny Delligatti

I am white.

I am male.

I was raised as a Christian.

I am heterosexual.

I am a military veteran.

I am a business owner.

I live in Texas.

I own two houses, rarely worry about money, and my children want for nothing.

So why am I a progressive? I certainly don’t fit the profile.



I don’t need to be black to feel the seething rage sparked by injustice when a cop shoots an unarmed man in the back, and then walks free.

I don’t need to be a woman to feel that each of us should have full and sole control of our own bodies–or to recognize the arrogant absurdity of elected men in suits legislating to the contrary.

I don’t need to be a Muslim to feel that no faith deserves to be characterized by the abhorrent actions of a perverse minority–and that people of all faiths deserve equal access to the country I call home.

I don’t need to be gay to feel that love shared between two people is good and healthy, no matter their gender identity–that every couple should have the right to marry, raise a family, and receive equal protection under the law.

Though I served my country in the military, I do not feel more deserving of my country’s benefits than those who serve and sacrifice in other ways.

Though I own a business, I do not feel that I deserve better tax breaks than the single mom or dad who works two jobs to make ends meet.

Though I live in a place that fiercely values individual rights and freedoms, I do not feel that these should be put on a higher pedestal than social responsibility.

Though *my* children have enough food and a safe home and access to good schools, good healthcare, and clean water, I feel the anguish of parents whose children do not.


Empathy for others fills my heart in place of fear of the “other.”

That is the reason I am a progressive.

I invite you to join me.


Dead woMan Walking

This clip is a scene from the Golden girls when Dorothy approaches a Doctor who had dismissed her and said she wasn’t sick. Even though it was put out on the fibromyalgia page on Facebook it can apply to so many more illnesses.

I feel exactly the same way about my doctor back in Michigan and I’m in the process of constructing a letter stating exactly that.

It has been a struggle trying to understand how it is that not only my last doctor but the doctor before that and the specialists that have treated me during that process all missed something so very important. Something so obvious that it took my new chiropractor a mere 5 weeks to order blood work and diagnose me with a disease I’ve had nearly 30 years. The very same Blood work I asked my last doctor to run that he said he and didn’t!!

Not only have I been walking around with Hashimoto’s disease I’ve had also thyroid cancer for near 10 years. 10 fucking years!!

Can. You. Even. Imagine?

I’ve spent years trying to feel well only to be told it could be age, early menopause, I need to work harder at the gym, I should clean up my diet (you know…. because being an organic eating, garden growing vegetarian isn’t quite good enough)

I can now count every medical challenge I had and faced over that last 25 plus years and now have an answer. A real answer.

Can you imagine how different and less difficult my life would have been if I was diagnosed correctly? In a timely manner?

I can.

I’m not throwing all doctors under the bus but I’m here to tell there are far too many who actually don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and it’s our lives at stake.

I was dying and no one even noticed.

Say NO to #ShowDogsMovie

This article will explain everything wrong with the new movie Show Dogs.

How and why they thought it was acceptable to put in what is clearly a plug for continued “Rape Culture” is beyond me.

This movie should be stopped immediately. Children should not be exposed to ever being told “They should find their happy place” while something wrong and uncomfortable is happening to them.

Are dogs different than kids, Yes. Yes they are but in a children’s movie the message being sent it directed at an audience of children. The same kids who pretend to be space men, Indians , robots, police officers and animals!


While I cannot relate to 100%, of this article I can relate and it’s far more than I ever wanted to feel or think about.

To say you are sorry and feel for someone is genuinely kind. Any offer of assistance is lovely and appreciated.

You don’t “get it” unless you’ve been diagnosed. Whatever form, whatever variation. There is a dark place inside of everyone’s mind. I pray that less people ever have the opportunity to visit that place.

I have been to the edge and the view is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.