I had been trying to get out to pick some fruit for weeks. Summer had been so busy that I totally missed strawberry and cherry season. But as luck would have it my BFF Jen was in town with her kids and a captive audience as they were staying at our house 😉

So we headed out to a place called Blueberry Lane Farms. Awesome place and highly recommend. They have a kitchen that will make fresh blueberry pancakes for you to fill your belly before (or after) picking.

So we had ourselves a pancake lunch and headed out to the fields.

I picked as fast as I could in hopes the kids would last. It held their attention long enough for us to get a combined almost 5lbs. Not a huge stockpile but enough for a few large snacks a handful of jars of jam.

All in all we had alot of fun. There is a playground for the kids and we found out that the honey the sell in their shop is from a local farmer who lends his bees to pollinate the blueberry bushes. Team Work!! I love it.