So, hubby and I decide to spruce up the dining room before the holidays. We don’t want to spend a ton but aren’t quite ready to invest in the pieces we love.

In comes There are a couple cabinets and a console table that would work. Color, size and price are good, reasonable and we know going into it they wont last forever but should be able to be modified if need be at a later date.

So we place the order. Seems simple right?

Last week as we waited for delivery we cleared the space. De-cluttered the dining room, rearranged in preparation.

Wednesday the console table shows. Yippee. Friday one of the cabinets arrive. More yippee, but where is number 3? I look in my email for the tracking because all along they have been emailing me.

Thank you for You Order

Some things are coming your way

An order had been delivered.

All lovely notes and paper trail. But as I look at cabinet number 3 it seems that someone took delivery of it in Indiana. Wow, that’s weird, I don’t live in Indiana. I’m in Michigan. Close but not exactly my dining room state.

I give a call over to Target customer service where some nice rep lets me know that my cabinet should arrive by the 19th. Cool, the 19th is good. Still in time before my guests. Still in time before the holiday. Still in time to assemble and fill. Ok, sounds good.

Fast forward to monday, just 3 days after that phone call. I get an email about processing my return. WHAT RETURN? I didn’t return anything, did you? So another phone call over to customer service. This rep had the nerve to tell me not to worry because we will be refunded the full amount. Really? I didn’t ask for my money back, I asked for a cabinet. How do I get the cabinet. “Oh” he says “You need to place the order again” I need to? No, shouldnt you do that? He says he cannot, that I will have to place my order online. Wait a minute, I placed my order online. Now I want to speak to a Manager because something is clearly not right. I’m placed on hold for what seems like forever all while trying to do a million things in my house at the same time and finally I hang up. I’ll call back in a little while when I have more time to sit.

I call back and explain straight off to the new rep that I have already called once and that I need to speak to a Manager. He, of course, takes my order number and name and asks for what reason have I called. I give him the shortest version and he decides that it is worthy of transferring to a floor supervisor. Thanks! When this woman gets on the phone I’m thinking all will be made right and onto the holidays we go. As it turns out that is quite the opposite of what happened.

This woman repeated herself over and over how my cabinet, tracking number 3 had been refused therefore was sent back to Target and in order for me to get it in time for my guests I could pay for expedited shipping to the tune of $100. She, the lovely and magical person she is, can happily send me a $20 gift card to offset the shipping costs. So basically in order to get what I ordered in time because someone else screwed up my order I have to overpay by $80. Am I hearing this correctly? Yes, she says after she reminded me yet again that the order had been refused at the door. I finally snapped, (you knew it was coming, admit it.) Even I know I can be the most reasonable person for a long stretch, understanding, compassionate and all that good stuff. But I’ve been in customer service and this wasn’t quite sitting well. So I said to her, You keep saying it was refused. Refused by who?? Certainly not me. As if 3 boxes came to my door and I said, Eh, I think I’ll only take 2. What is this? Are you kidding me? You keep saying this like its my fault when clearly that is ludicrous.Are you calling me a liar. because honestly with her tone it was starting to sound that way. No she says I’m not saying it’s your fault or calling you a liar. Then stop saying “but it was refused” So tell me what you can do. Well I can help you place a new order and as a Red Card holder you get free shipping and lets see it might be there by 11/26. I’m sorry, I say, Are you telling me that I “might” get it in time for the holiday and if it does show up I will be building furniture in front of my guests. Sorry but that it unacceptable. I want to know what you can do to fix this.

Nope, that’s all she can do. Over charge for expedited shipping or hope and pray it arrives 5 minutes before the turkey hits the table. Awesome. So now I ask to speak to her boss. No can do, she offers me a mailing address where I can write a letter. A letter, like a physical drop in the post box snail mail letter. Wow, look at them go. I think I just got whiplash from the speed of service and customer satisfaction.

Thanks anyway but you just lost thousands of dollars a year because you couldn’t figure out eat the shipping and get me my order.

I know its crazy but it gets better….or as they say “But wait, There’s more!!”

I decide a little later, after another cup of coffee and some motrin, that I’m going to look over the tracking and call UPS. Guess what I found out? Yah, my refused package happened in Illinois. The box never made it across the state line to Michigan. Somewhere in Illinois something went wonky and it was rerouted/returned to Targets warehouse in Indiana. While the reason code says “refused” UPS assures me that that’s kind of a default reason and clearly we know I didn’t refuse it because it never actually came to me. They also said that Target has the ability to wave any or all shipping charges since they have a UPS account in order to get me my package on time. Its their choice how to handle it.

Wow, well with this new-found info I decided to call Target back and talk to another Supervisor. Surely now they can fix this, right?

NOPE. Wonderful Travis who was calm and collected and who couldn’t disagree that someone else completely &^%$ up’d my order said that his hands are tied. He is only allowed to give me a credit of what normal shipping would have been ($24.95) to off set any costs I may incur. Wow, Im up another $4.95 but still would be out $75+ to get it here in time. When I asked about the folks above him I got the same mailing address. There is no one he can call to override this. There is no one for him to contact to say “hey, we have a situation over here” No one he can contact to make this right. All he can do is apologize over and over again and thank me for calling Wow, and that leaves me no better off than I started….oh wait actually worse because now I have to return the 2 cabinets in my house already, that takes time, and then I have to find another store that has something similar and hope it’s a reasonable price etc.

All now by this Friday 11/22. Sweet

Please keep in mind that I have sent emails to 2 online target boxes that are available off their website. One person sent me a reply today that sent me to the moon. Some jibberish about how I see we processed your return on 11/28 – Yes in the future – and that I should be receiving a gift card – huh? – and then it might take my bank 10days to credit my account – what? what?

So I replied to that with a clear email about how they ignored my original concise email about the situation and now have continued to insult me because the sign off was “Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you’ll visit again soon.” Getting in touch??? (hits head on wall)

I’m getting to the point of social media now… remember, the title up there.

This morning I woke and decided to post a nice note to Targets Facebook page AND a few tweets over in Twitter. Pretty Cool right? It took someone at Target 26 minutes from my Facebook post to reply:

“Hey Melissa – Thanks for posting! We apologize for this poor experience, and the frustrating phone call. We want to help! Please email us at TGS…… with reference number 3-9101….. for assistance from a specialist. We look forward to speaking with you. Thanks! -Bryan

I sent them an email an hour ago. Lets see how fast they reply. I’ll post an updated when I hear from them.

In short, I’m not sure how well Social Media works yet but it may be the only way to get retailers/companies to do something. Granted – This is the most irritating thing I can think of, having to call out a company all over the web to do what should have been done in the first place so that they can keep YOU as a customer.

Quick short story that I shared with Travis about good customer service:

A couple of years ago around xmas I order an item from Neiman Marcus. The supplier sent me the wrong item. When I called customer service they were mortified. The woman I spoke to immediately told me that I would receive a full refund. A new order was placed and they were contacting the supplier to make sure I got the correct item immediately AND to keep the wrong item and, as she suggested, gift it to someone you think may like it. Not only did I get a refund on my credit card in 15 minutes – YES 15 minutes, with a push of a button/key strokes I had my money back, the correct item arrived in 2 DAYS. 2 Days my friends. 2 days.

Impeccable customer service at its finest makes you want to spend every penny with that store.

You can see how Target isn’t making me feel like Neiman Marcus did.