Target update:
So apparently social media does the trick.
Clearly an exhausting undertaking to have to call out a company on their royal mess-up via their normal means : 1-800- we don’t care and email our form to us that we won’t answer anyway. So I took to Facebook and twitter and apparently putting the problem in front of 22 million viewers gets a semi-reply in about 26 minutes.
Pretty cool, right? Yah, that kinda fell flat when they left me hanging all day after that and then sent a cryptic email at 8pm that night stating they spoke to me and my “order” was on the way. Really, what order? What item? And who is paying for it? Of course this prompted another series of tiring phone calls with a couple folks who knew nothing about this email. Finally I got a social media team member – woohoo, and guess what? My cabinet should be here today. (friday nov. 22)
Wow! I feel semi-relieved. I find it sad that I had to fight and spend hours to encourage a company to do the right thing. But I’m  also thankful that my husband doesn’t have to waste more back breaking time to return the other pieces and then having to actually start the shopping process over again with only days to go before holiday guests arrive and thanksgivukah begins. I think I need a nap…..