I have been trying to get tickets to the Fresh Beat band concert for the last 3 years.

My kids LOVE the tv show on Nickelodeon and having been asking about seeing them in concert. I had checked and seem to have missed them every flipping time they have come in town. Or I find out just before the concert and can’t find a ticket left in the place.

So this year when my mom asked what to buy the kids for the holidays I told her Fresh Beat tickets, Please!! Genius, right?  🙂  I thought so.

I got a cute little education on StubHub and we got seats in the 12th row. Woohoo. We made a reservation a place to eat that shuttled us down to the theater and back so no parking mess and enjoyed a fantastic concert. ***the lady next to us told us she bought her tickets last march. I feel blessed and lucky.

My kids were in heaven. Laughing, singing and dancing to their favorite kid music. What I liked even more were the souvenirs. You want to know why? Because they started at $5. You can get a program with a poster inside for $5, You can get a cd for $5, a bracelet in pink or blue $5. There were some other things and then the prices started to go up $10 bucks for kikis headband, $25 for t-shirts, etc. What a joy.

I can’t tell you how disappointed we were when we went to Disney on Ice. Their stuff was so obnoxiously priced and so unreasonable. It was $12 for a popcorn at Disney! $12 bucks for Popcorn, seriously! and $20 for a program magazine. It was the saddest state for a kid. My daughter saw a plush princess doll they were charging $40 for. Do you know when I got online afterwards I saw the same doll at the disney store for $18. Shameful I tell ya.

I personally think that Disney should make souvenirs that are only available at their shows and to make them a fair price so kids can take something home. Thats just me.

Oh well. We will look forward to the Fresh Beats coming back next year. That was a ton of fun.