We booked our timeshare back last August thinking a Mexican vacation in January would be ideal.

i mean really, who wouldn’t want to leave the cold of metro Detroit in January for they sun and sand of Mexico?

Strange things have been happening globally. Weird unusual weather patterns. People complaining about global warming and where is it? Yah, how can you think there is global warming when you are freezing in windchills at -47?

So we plowed our driveway 3 times before trekking off to the airport Sunday night. We figured better safe than sorry. We knew our plane would fly on Monday even if it were delayed…..which is exactly what happened. An hour less in mexico wouldn’t hurt anybody.

When we arrived it was raining and 65 degrees. A far cry from what was happening back home. I could not complain.

Then the emails and phone calls started coming. More school closings.  Tuesday activities closed due to windchill factors and driving conditions. I looked off our veranda tuesday morning and saw clouds. There was a breeze coming through, a bit on the cool side. No, it wasn’t much of a pool day. As a matter of fact, in all my years of coming to Mexico I had never worn a sweater or pants much farther than landing and getting off the plane. This Tuesday I wore them all day. The kids wanted to go swimming, so since the pool was heated in they went. Rain and all.

I know all these lovely people planned for a sunny beach vacation when they booked this. I just keep thinking that I can’t shovel or plow the clouds and rain, therefore it’s not that bad. 

I had to buy sweatshirts for the kids last night. They were overjoyed. It was movie night and they were a bit more toasty. Which made for more viewing pleasure and less chattering teeth.

Don’t get me wrong, I am praying for the sun. I do hope to see it a couple days. This is a bit pricy to pay for a trip to visit the cool of October all the while planning and packed with clothes for the warmth of late June.