I’m walking out of work today and my phone rings. It’s a 1-800 of some sort and since I’m curious I pick it up.

Don’t you love when someone calls you and then they put you on hold? Yah, like you wanted to talk to me but not that bad.
So it goes through and this chick wants me to verify my address. “Um, excuse me but you called me. You should know who I am”
She can’t tell me why she’s calling until I verify who I am because it’s a ” personal business” matter.
So I give her my city and she finishes my street address. She then proceeds to tell me …… Are you sitting down? ……she proceeds to tell me that she is calling from a collection agency seeking $21 for consumers energy for a bill from the year 2011!

I just about spit I laughed so loud.
I’m sorry, let me get this straight… You are collecting for the gas company on a left over bill from the house I used to live in, that I had mail forwarding on and picked up other random mail for the first year and sent no bill. What kind of company doesn’t send a bill for 2 flippin years and then sends you to collections over $21??
Please help me understand.

I then had to repeat myself multiple times when I asked her to send me a bill. She’s like, if you want an itemized bill we can’t do that we are a collection agency.
And so I finally said – do you want to get paid?
She said “yes”
I said “good, send me some sort of bill then”
She had to put me on hold and ask someone. LOL
She gets back on the line and says “ok, we’ll send you a bill. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Um, no You called me in the first place!

***my note to Consumers Energy**
Yes I will be writing you a formal letter but for social media purposes I want you and everybody else to know how ignorant a company you are.
2 years and no bill at my old house or new and you send me to collections for $21. That is beyond logical or rational business practices.