Upon our return into chilly Michigan we found a driveway and apron full of snow covered ice.

While some of the neighbors in my sub praise the great neighbors they have and how generous they are, how mystery elves have cleared driveways and returned garbage bins I apparently have none of “these” neighbors.
I’ll share at some other time what kind of neighbors I have but suffice to say our driveway was exactly how we left it one week prior.

So hubby worked on it a bit on Monday night and I hacked away at some of the leftover ice on Tuesday morning.
Scrape scrape twist…..and ow!!
I pulled something and it wasn’t pretty.

I thought it was minor enough as I took it easy all the way until Friday morning when I got a grand idea to do some laundry and change the bed linens. Yup, that was the undoing.
I had this sharp pain like a stabbing knife in my side. I thought maybe I could make it through my 2 hours of work but it became quite clear that wasn’t gonna happen.
I got sent home with many referrals of local chiropractors, multiples of one in particular which I called for an appt the next morning.
Hubby came home early from work to get the kids from school and I layed down for duration.
I will say I was amazed at how many of my co-workers had back problems. These are young people.

So yesterday morning I met the most wonderful Dr. Clark. Yay! He did some minor work on me and I got some immediate relief.
He told me that I am not to shovel snow or ice ever again. Either get a snow blower with an electric start or hire out the job. I told my husband it was time to move south…LOL. I’m not much for Florida or Arizona but we may have to consider a warmer place. The funnier part is that he didn’t disagree …….and to think I could have a longer growing season for my garden, maybe even growing veggies all year long.
Wow, this might be the best accident ever 🙂