I have been waiting to post.

Riding the roller coaster of emotions and feeling drained of thoughts and feeling.
Truman and I went to the vet last Friday. Ran a few tests and figured out that his kidneys are failing.

What to do? What to do?
Little guy isn’t suffering and super vet says we should give it a few days, some meds and fluids.
Ok, I owe him that.
I owe him my life.

16 years ago when this little furball came into my life things were rotten. Beyond rotten.
I didn’t like people anymore. Trusts had been broken, shattered. Scattered along the highway and left to be crushed and run over by traffic at rush hour.
This little guy loved me. Everyday. No questions asked, no expectations.
I loved him everyday. No questions asked, no exceptions.

He has been the best dog ever.
Never sick. Always “on”. Happy, joyful, playful, sweet.
16 years of pure love and joy.

So, ya, I’ll give him subcu fluids and meds for a few days to see how it goes.

Sad to say not much has changed.
He still won’t eat food or drink water. He fights with me when I try to give him meds
But today, TODAY, he has decided that snow is something he wants to eat. He went out this morning and after he finished peeing he looked to his left and started to eat the snow.
I offered a nice bowl of fresh water, nope he didn’t want that.
So I dumped out the water and filled it with fresh snow.
Flipping dog ate that bowl of snow like it was filet mignon.

I know this probably isn’t a great sign and the end is still looming but it has been exciting seeing him excited about eating something.
Excited about anything really.

And frankly it’s been nice for a day to dry my tears. Even if its only for a day.