It has been an emotional roller coaster. I am just exhausted.

I have been thinking about posting and have had so many different things going through my mind. Most recently though, unbeknownst to him, I have fired my veterinarian. I’ll get to letting him know soon enough.

After a week and a half of Truman not eating and trying so many different things and having my vet tell me that there is no wrong or right time to decide to euthanize we took to the internet and 2nd opinions.

My mother found somewhere that if a dog is having renal failure that he most likely has an upset stomach and we should try Pepto-Bismol.
So I called my vet and asked him if I could give Truman Pepto-Bismol on top of everything else I am already doing.
He responded that he did not see the correlation between the two. But if I wanted to he would recommend that I give him Pepcid not Pepto and that it’s ultimately up to me if I choose to do so.
After the conversation, which still left me in tears, I went to the drug store, purchased the Pepcid, came home gave him his 5 mg dose and hoped for the best.

Last Thursday night My mother had decided to come out to visit us and bring dinner. When asked, my daughter said that she wanted Lebanese food. Deboned chicken and rice.
As we were eating dinner my mother apparently decided to take a small piece of chicken and throw it on the floor in front of Truman to see if it sparked any interest. He loved it!
So much so that we chopped up a few more pieces and he scarfed them down. This was the first food he had eaten in over a week and a half. I tried some of the renal food the vet had sent home but that was a no go. A little puppy food? Yup, he loved it.
This was just 2 short hours after I gave him the pepsid.

The next day my mother made a phone call to one of our old vets that had moved quite a distance away. He reconfirmed that it’s classic that with renal failure the mucus membranes of the stomach lining get stripped and causes animals a lot of times not to eat because their stomachs are upset.
Classic? Classic? You mean to tell me that my vet didn’t see the correlation of a classic symptom?
I was getting prepared to put my dog down because he was starving and all he needed was a flipping pepsid???
I was livid. I think I still am.

So, armed with new information and some homemade recipes for renal failure friendly diet Truman has been eating for several days.
Since it was time to recheck his levels, get new blood work and possibly a urinalysis I sought out my old vet that is 40 minutes north of me.
Clearly giving him subcu fluids has been a great help. Dr. Kern says most likely that Truman will die of kidney failure at some point. But as long as we continue him on fluids and a good diet he should manage ok for a bit.
He seems happy. He seems comfortable at home. He is actually now more alert, walks around, looks out the window and almost resembles his “old man” old self again.
He still won’t drink any water. So I have taken to making him homemade snowcones with our snow cone machine.



I’m not sure how many days we are buying but every day is a day more with my best little bud and his super soft ears.