From a surname which meant “trusty man” in Middle English.

He couldn’t have chosen a better name for himself.

Almost 16 years ago I was in search of a little dog with a big name. I chose Zeus.
When I brought “Zeus” home I noticed he didn’t answer to his name. He looked around for someone else but surely I wasn’t talking to him.
So I looked up 10 names that I liked. I sat down on the floor with him and started at the top of the list. As I read the names he laid there unmoved, uninterested. When I spoke Truman his ears perked up, he lifted his head and looked at me. When I began to read again he laid back down. I switched up the names and read them in different order and every time I said “Truman” he perked up.
So the name stuck. Or as I used to tell the story……… And that is how Truman named himself.

Almost 16 years of being a faithful, trusting, loving true little man.
I cannot stop the tears.
I cannot believe he is actually gone.
I cannot stop looking around and thinking he must be in the other room sleeping.

He was eating and comfortable. Content even.
Certainly not in pain or suffering.
He had a minor stroke today and I knew it was over.
There was nothing more I could do except tell him thank you and that I love him.
At the vet that’s all I could do. I pet him and hugged him and kept telling him over and over again “I love you and thank you”
I rubbed his ears….those soft ears. I can still feel the sensation of his fur on my fingertips.
I hope I never lose that feeling.