When you have kids life can be pretty busy and keep you going regardless of how you feel.

As the days pass I find it’s easier when I’m out of the house. Distance like time feels more normal.
I still get a little jacked up when I wake up in the morning and think. “I’ve got to check on Truman” and see that he made it through the night ok only to remember he’s gone.
The first morning my husband warned me “don’t go downstairs”
He felt the same way. A missing piece.

He keeps saying he’s in denial and thinks Truman is off at the vet boarding .
My daughter is sad and cries.
And then there is my son, the 5 year old. His biggest question is if we can get a new puppy or maybe a goldfish. It could be Friday ……. Or monday if that’s a better day.
So sweet, so young.

I’ve had a little bit of time to think and I realized that I’ve known a lot of people who have lost a pet only to turn around and get another one within days.
I understand now having the desire to fill that hole of heartbreak with the love for another.
I’ve never felt that way with people even though I know people who have.

We will probably get another dog at some time.
I’m just not sure when that time will be.
Time…… Sigh.