Sometimes I feel as if people are wound just a bit too tight. Almost like the sun is shining so hard that instead of squinting or getting a cool pair of shades they just shut their eyes completely.

I understand, as I have posted before, that you should always be kind to others as you have no idea what battles they have going on. You cannot tell the struggles or challenges they face simply from their outward appearance.

Yesterday I had some interaction on Facebook with a friend of mine. She simply asked what was going on with people and their weird status updates. Was this some kind of awareness thing and if so for what?
I replied that the current game was just a game. Post a status, hope people reply and then they have been roped into the “game” where they are required to choose one of several semi-excitable statuses in order to lure more game players.
When I researched (googled) it it was clearly just a game. There was no attachment to any sort of awareness movement as many fb status things can be.
Some of my friends friends seemed a bit put off claiming stupidity for games that either mock or have no connection to cancer awareness. And that by playing them it makes light of a serious situation.
I made a small attempt to ask if I missed a memo that states that on FB, a social media outlet, that people were not allowed to play games? I always thought the point was share “whatever” with you friends or family.

Now, I sent my friend a light note, I thought, that some of her friends were hard core all business. I didn’t think I would get the reply I did. She too explained how it’s a stupid game and people are having hard lives etc etc.
I have to say I was taken aback just a little.

And this is why.
I did not participate in the current game. Not because I thought it was stupid. Because it didn’t seem fun to me. Can I see why it’s fun for others. Yep. I can.
The same way people like dark comedies, that I don’t. The same way they like foul mouth comedians, that I don’t. The same way they like compact cars, certain religious beliefs, Brussels sprouts, swear by one make or model I would never touch and will only buy or wear certain clothes that I won’t or don’t like.

I am not saying that all “awareness” games are good or bad. I never participate in any of them actually because I feel most people are quite aware of most forms of cancer. I don’t know one person who hasn’t been touched somehow or someway.

What I am saying is lighten up. Everyone.
I’m not trying to be insensitive but I also know that when I am at my worse the world of fb and their laughter is not directed at me. No one is planning a mass game to hurt my feeling and discount my pain.
Not everyone pains the same. No two people process emotions the same. But I know deep down that the whole world has no clue I’m here let alone that I am crying or laughing at any given moment.

Please be kinder to each other.
Instead of calling something stupid or dumb just choose something you like and don’t put down some else’s joy.