I have been exposed to so many books, animated movies and kids toys over the last number of years.
Clearly, we have had to nip and tuck as we’ve gone along to try to lessen the negative exposure that some directly or indirectly may cause.

I’ve altered books as I have read them to my kids to avoid using the “h” word.
Yes, h@te. One of my most disliked words.
I see how what seems to be a simple but strong and powerful word gets used to replace more logical terms. People, I think, out of laziness use h@te to describe something that is really just a mere dislike or mild discomfort.
But once you hear that same word come out of a 3 year olds mouth I think to myself that’s an awfully strong word for such a small inexperienced little person. How could such a young person feel such rage? Yes rage. Isn’t that was is behind h@te? It can’t be joy or wonder.

I have often thought I should write to someone in Hollywood to let them know there are a few words they should ban from kids movies and television ….. Like h@te, idiot, stupid and hell.
I still haven’t quite figured out why these belong in children’s programming.

So off the soapbox and onto love.
Handy Manny.
We ended up watching a few episodes and I have to tell you what a refreshing change.
He is this level headed, logical and positive guy. He stays calm under pressure. He kind and caring. Polite.
Even though some of his friends may worry he’s the voice of reason. He always tries to give more than take.
How nice is that. Less drama and more getting along with others.

Yes, I know as an adult it seems too good to be true or a bit sugary but I would rather my kids learn from kindness and curtesy rather than from foul language and impatience.

I do hope for a kinder world. Bit by bit step by step.