I was chatting with one of my girlfriends a couple weeks ago about upcoming birthday parties.

One of my yearly loves. The kids and I pick a theme sometime in January and then I start the idea process, decorations, list making and collections bins are set up.

Anywho, I was chatting with my friend and her daughter has a birthday coming up. We were discussing invites, which I found over the last few years I have a knack for making, talking details and she shares with me that in lieu of gifts daughter has requested wish list items and/or donations to a local animal shelter.
I thought this was beyond fantastic!
I love that idea.

So I asked my daughter what she thought of that. I assured her that she would still receive gifts from her family but she would be giving to animals that needed help and gifts too.
She thought it was a lovely idea but wondered if there was a sea turtle rescue we can help.
And then we talked about giving back to the local library….

In any case she was totally on board which made me super proud.

Then as if that weren’t gift enough I was chatting with another friend who’s soon to be 7 year old wants to collect gifts for a shelter as well in lieu of birthday presents.
And the topper on the cake (literally) was another acquaintance’s son is having his birthday at a local temple who is sponsoring this 8 year olds party as a fundraiser for three local charities.

I’m loving these kids this year with their desire to give instead of receive.
I’m hoping it sets a trend and catches on from this day forward.