About a year ago we went to the Rain Forest Cafe. The kids loved it. My husband and I? Not so much.
Besides the obvious “theme” park environment the food sucked. I mean really really sucked.

As a vegetarian I had zero choices beyond an overpriced tossed salad. The service was meh and the kids wanted a “slurpee” that came in a character cup to the tune of $8.

If I were at Disney I could understand the extreme prices for little value. That’s isn’t to say I agree with it or condone it. But theme parks or ballparks ,for that matter, tend to gouge a bit. We’ve come to expect it.

So I finally got a chance to write up a yelp review of our experience at RFC and was surprised to get an inbox from someone from Landrys resteraunt group. She apologized for our bad experience and asked that I put in a survey to corporate.
I did that two days ago.
Yesterday I got a phone call from the General Manager at the RFC!
Holy tree frog! These people are serious.
So Scott, the GM, who sounds like a super nice guy explains that they’ve revamped the whole menu to include more veggie options for adults as well as the kids menus.
He talked about portobello wraps and caprese apps. Fruit of the day and chicken your way for the kids.
Sounded like some really nice changes.
Sad to say the prices are still a little high but we are helping support the atmosphere of salt water tanks and animatronic animals, so I’m told.

As far as a restaurant goes, I told him the prices make it difficult for it to be a “regular” place to eat.
Honestly if you are going to drop $50 on a family dinner this is not the place you’re going to go every week. This is a special occasion kind of place.

But here’s where things got interesting .
Me being the earth loving gal that I am totally dug the fact that this place does lesson plans and tours for school kids to teach them about the rain forest.
I had no idea they even had an earth day program that talked about soil, the environment, had speakers from local companies etc.
oh my! This is exciting.
Scott explained that they give back to the community and schools in several different ways.
This was a nice surprise.

We may give this place another try and if we do I’m sure I’ll write a review but until then I’m just happy that a large company was serious enough to follow up with this unhappy customer.