Both gardens seem to be making there way in growth.

Our home garden


Green beans seem to be doing great.



Growing seems to be at a normal rate and we should be able to start eating some soon enough.

Our strawberries are a different story.
We seem to have a resident rodent…..well, chipmunk, who the kids have named Alvin. He likes stealing our berries and then parading around with them in his mouth.
We managed just last night however to grab a ripe berry before him! Justice!



All the other goods are getting big and green and we are happily enjoying the changing scenery in the raised beds.

My community plots are going 50/50
I’m not really sure if seeds got stolen or compost is different or what but one plot is thriving, big and green and the other seems to be growing a little parsley and some weeds…..
Cue the sound of crickets.


Regardless of the challenges we are loving the outdoors, the fresh air and the anticipation of fresh veggies.