Summer has practically disappeared right before my eyes.

We jumped from 10 glorious weeks of slow down, relax and breath to OMG we only have 4 weeks left.
While I still have a laundry list of to-dos we have managed to do a heck of a lot.
We have had 3 sets of house guests which led to many late nights but also very busy days. We’ve managed museum visits, farm/orchard days, pool time, library time, a movie in a theater, one giant crazy Frozen birthday party, donations to the local animal shelter and many wonderful restaurants with lots of good food.
We have been tending the garden in between it all and yesterday was “giant garden pick day”


It looks like zucchini bread is in our future.
I’ve been canning each time after our orchard trips and am building our pantry for the fall and winter.

Hopefully time will slow a hair so I can write a bit more of what’s been on my mind….
Until then