Yesterday brought much turmoil to many.

If you live here in the Detroit area there are many pictures and stories on the web….

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The rain filled streets, highways, homes.

One friend of mine posted that it took her 4 hours to attempt to get home. She finally gave up and stayed overnight in a hotel only to find herself flooded in and unable to leave this morning.

Another begged for people to find an alternate route because the water waves travelers made on her street pushed more water into her home.
Flooded basement pictures, floating cars, loss of property and wake up calls to new home owners who have never dealt with this kind of havoc.
Morning commuters had no clue which roads were opened or closed.
Last night and this morning have been challenging for many.

Even as trying as this has been the next challenge is still ahead…. More rain is coming.
Sheer exhaustion is all I can think of.

Last night also brought the world to silence with the loss of comedian Robin Williams. A man whose immense talent shown so bright and touched so many abruptly burnt out.
For those who didn’t know about his battle with drugs, alcohol and/or depression it was probably a bigger shock.
For those who knew were probably just as stunned and saddened. I’ve shed a few tears. Not because I knew him personally but for his family and friends and for him. I’m sure those who were close to him have silently prayed or even outwardly voiced their hope for his wellness. The hope that he would at some point be able to vanish enough of his demons to live amongst us in some sort of peace.
Depression has no boundaries. If you have no experience, firsthand or otherwise, you have now seen enough articles associated with Robin’s death to explain its depths. Money and fame doesn’t fix it. Love alone cannot eliminate the fears or demons.


We have collectively enjoyed his talent and humanitarian contributions for many years. I, for one, am thankful that he shared himself with so many, brought joy and thought provoking entertainment for as long as he could.

My heart is sending out a lot of love and prayers today.
For EVERYONE who is rebuilding ….
Your home, your heart, your mind, your spirit.
May you find the strength you need to keep going.