Smoke and mirrors, slight of hand, abracadabra and all the good magic. No trick is great unless practiced. Sometimes you get it on the first try and other times you will rack your brains time and time again to get it right.
This is gardening.

Last year I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, this year they seem a bit more challenged. I’m trying to remember exactly when I saw a red fruit last year and I think I’m behind schedule even though I planted earlier. Hmmmmm

Carrots- ugh. Simple veggie but for me hard to grow. Last year I think the birds stole my seeds. This year I got 1 carrot. Yup, 1. How to plan for its demise…. Eat it raw, take a bite and pass it around so everyone gets a chance? Shred it into a million pieces for a salad? That will make it go farther? Right? Right?

Zucchini – success first time out. Bread has been baked x12, veggie lasagna was excellent, sprilized into noodles not loved. More bread coming and zucchini cakes as well (think potato pancakes)

Snap peas -success two seasons

Green beans – success first time out

Pumpkins – looks like it will be successful

Watermelon- last year was hopeful and turned out sad after the lawn folk killed a few. We ended up with one and I harvested it late. It was fairly bland but good texture. Will try another year again.

Butternut squash- they’re growing , only time will tell

Cucumbers- I see babies, hoping for a bumper crop to try out pickles and canning recipes

Kale – the stuff won’t stop growing and I can’t eat enough . No kale next year!!

Strawberries- hmmmm, I want to love growing them but I’m missing something . Plants are doing well but berries seem small and quick to rot. I’m gonna have to hit up Google and see what’s up with that.

Beets- still not sure about these guys. Slow growing. More practice needed.

Parsley – loving it! Just wish it was growing on the same schedule as the tomatoes so they could marry together in my tabouli.

My red pepper and garlic…..
What can I say


It appears that the pepper plant was tagged incorrectly . Unless I don’t know my colors and green is the new red. It grew well but sad because I really wanted red in the garden.
My garlic is another story. While I think I have the concept I clearly missed a few steps. Like I should have planted in October not April. I should have snipped the snapes to encourage bulb growth.. Oops! So I have about 16 small heads no cloves of garlic.
I will slice, dry and turn into garlic powder for cooking. So all is not lost.

I will continue to practice.
And sometimes succeed on the first try of something like …… Presto