It’s been a week since the massive rains that filled up the highways and hundreds of basements.
The damage and aftermath has been heartbreaking. Drowned and dripping of sewage dragged up stairs to be piled onto the curbside.
Thousands and thousands of every kind of bit. TVs, clothing, pictures, books and toys. Appliances that are unfixable . Furniture ruined, stained, sopping.
I’ve seen close to 50 pictures on my fb feed of filled curbsides. I’ve seen status updates that were gleeful about trash truck sightings. And then I saw this news clip

Now there is an overload that cannot be handled. Makes sense under the circumstances but in this situation it’s trying on everyone.
Homeowners have watched garbage pickers go through their stuff – ewww gross. It’s sad enough to have to be forced to purge your belongings but it’s another to watch some stranger take things you hadn’t really wanted to part with in the first place.
They’ve seen animals chewing and tearing things apart thus making a bigger mess.
And look it’s garbage day again and they still haven’t managed to pick up last weeks trash.

I’ve been through a couple basement floods. The worst was almost 3 feet of water, dirt, sewage. Things were floating and most everything was ruined. I was devastated. I cannot imagine these people feel much different.

My prayers go out to them all.

Please try to be thankful for what you still have and grateful it was just things and not people.
Peace –