I made butter again.
This is no surprise. I do hope to find a way to get the most liquid out of it.

So step by step it goes something like this:
Heavy cream
In the food processor until it gets yellow and starts to look mealy.
It will go from cream to whipped cream (stiff peaks) back to a creamy fluid before it goes to butter consistency.

Once that is done you will clearly see yellow butter and on the bottom of your bowl white milk which is your buttermilk.
You want to drain that off and squeeze the butter a bit to get excess milk off/out of it.

Keep in mind as you press the butter in the mesh it will go through a bit and start to block the buttermilk from draining through. You may have to scrape it off once in a while.
Make sure you have a container to save all of the beautiful new buttermilk to use in other recipes.

Once you’ve squeezed out a bit of liquid put it back into your food proving bowl with a few tablespoons of ice cold water. Let it mix for another minute or so and drain it once again.

I found be taking a small portion and kneading it around a small soup bowl I was able to drain out a few more ounces.
That is also when I mixed in a couple sprinkles of salt ( based on personal taste)


After that pop it into a container you love, stick it the fridge and plan your next recipe or bagel to enjoy it.

You can freeze your butter as well so if you used a half gallon of heavy cream, like I did, you can stock up for the winter.
Polar Vortex is coming, didn’t ya hear?