The air has gotten chillier and leaves are beginning to turn.

The last sighting of my favorite hummingbirds was 4 days ago. If I don’t see another I will know summer is truly gone.

I pulled out my electric blanket and actually had to plug it in and turn it on. Can you believe? Oh, the horror!

The inner farmer/gardener has come out as I’ve begun the process of saving seeds and already started my plans for next years garden.
The current garden still has a few last fruits to bear. The Zucchini plant is trying to grow 2 more, I’ve got one full butternut squash just about done and 2 little guys trying to catch up.
The cucumbers are a plenty but have much growing to do. The tomatoes are in the same shape. I’m not sure if they are going to make it with these cooler temps. The nights have been too cold and the days not sunny enough.

That crazy farmers almanac and all the weather folk say this winter is going to be just as bad if not worse than last. My head has been spinning. I’ve started to write lists of things I need to bake and can to prepare to be stuck at home. Lists of things to buy so that I won’t need to brave the frigid cold. This now sounds almost normal. Stocking up the harvest getting ready for the winter.

I think I need a bigger pantry.