I guess I’m sorta turning into one of those moms. Kinda hippy-dippy not buying that processed junk home made treats and snacks kinda gal.
Hopefully they won’t give me some sort of crazy nick name like patchouli or granola, Ha!

So we headed to the apple orchard with one of my best sister-friends and picked a bit over a half bushel. After we got back on the wagon and started back to the front I saw all the other trees bursting with fruit. I just wanted yell “STOP!” to jump off and grab some more. I think if I were without my husband, kids and friends I probably would have dumped my northern spies in the car, grabbed another bag and head out on that wagon again.
Sigh…. A girl can dream. Orrrrr, a girl can possibly plan another trip, he he.


Ahem (clears throat)
Anyway, so as I process through most of the apples we picked. Yes, we did actually eat some of them. I did not cook them all but I have been doing a bunch of newer things since we got a dehydrator for our big 10 year anniversary.
Traditional apple sauce is always on the list. Pie, butter are standards as well.

A little sauce and pie filling


Apple Crinkle with fresh whipped cream


Dried apple snacks and fruit leather


I’m still going to make more sauce for the canning pantry. If I’m lucky some of it will make it to winter. The kids have been eating it like crazy AND taking it in their lunches. I also need more apple butter since I have only one jar left from last year. More fruit snacks, a jam recipe, apple cake…. Oh and I haven’t made a strudel yet. Caramel apples, muffins, mini loafs.
Ya, I think I’m going to need more apples. Definitely more apples.