I call them sad winter eyes. It happens every year when we have to “winterize” the yard and garden.
The bare beds with no life, no green……sigh, no food. My little grocery store gone.
Today was that day.
We did all the needed chores. Flower pots emptied, leaves raked, lawn/garden decor stored away. Transplants, done. Hummingbird feeders emptied and cleaned, regular feeders filled for cold weather babies. All of these things I’m actually pretty ok with. But my empty garden makes me sad.

I planted garlic this year in hopes of success. Last years crop didn’t turn out so good. I guess they weren’t joking about the whole “you need to plant in October”
Silly me thought it was a suggestion. Well, my little garlic cloves turned into little garlic bulbs after being planted in March and harvested in September. Not a clove or cluster in sight. Just cute little wonderfully smelly garlic bulbs. Not completely useless but not what was planned. So I did what I was told and planted a few weeks ago in hopes to get it right next year. I guess that is something to look forward to, right?

My winterizing efforts have included a bunch of canning too. I couldn’t go into the colder weather without some jam, sauce and fruits to keep us going. This year I froze a bunch of zucchini so we could cook and bake. I have some pumpkin and a bunch of different berries as well. Some dry goods, some frozen breads and potatoes.
Firewood was delivered, garage cleaned out and turned over for the season…..are you tired? I am too!

I know this is pretty normal for a lot of people. Did I miss anything?
Hopefully I got most of my basics covered before the snow flies or buries us!
Now if they only had a winter “home schooling” program so I wouldn’t have to leave the house.