So the hubs and I need a new bed.
We got a new mattress about 8 months ago and have been sleeping like angels ever since but now we want it to look as great as it feels.

Have you ever shopped for a bed. I’m not sure which is easier a mattress or a bed. While finding a mattress that fits both of you can be a chore…. Lord how many mattresses did we lay on in the middle of those crazy stores . Too lumpy, too squishie, that one shakes so much when he moves I thought I was going to be catapulted over to the next bed. This one feels like I’m on the floor, like literally on the floor- do we need to spend money when I have a perfectly flat floor at home already?
So I found the perfect one for me, plush with a hint of firm and I laid there. Darn near fell asleep while the hubby was still trying one mattress after another.
Once in a while he would rouse me to “come try this one” and I would drag myself, half sleepy, almost drunk to try some crazy contraption they claim to be a mattress. I veto it and head back to my comfy little haven on the other side of the store.
After a while he agreed and we bought my plush with a hint of firm.

Now to buy an actual bed. Headboard frame and all.
We’ve looked online, walked through a few local stores, looked online some more and walked through a few more stores. We fell upon Restoration Hardware. When I say we “fell upon” what I really mean is that we(he) finally decided we(he) wanted a really nice bed. Something substantial that would be rich looking, comfortable and make our bedroom feel more like a cozy zen retreat.
All I have to say is “Yeehaw, let’s go get us a bed!”
I’m not huge into over spending but I am into buying great quality that will last for a long time. And if for some reason it fails, I love love love great customer service.

Ok, so we picked out a bed. Visited it in person, love it and want to buy it and ….then we wait for it to go on sale.
No reason to pay full price if you don’t have to And the holidays were coming, You just know there is gonna be a sale.

Friday night was the big day. I had a party to go to and hubby was gonna hang with the kids and order our new bed. All is good…. I love new furniture.
Happy girl, happy girl.

When I get home we are chatting up all the good stuff and he’s telling how our bed is custom order, could take until February and the website asked him like 3 times “do you understand that a custom order and it is subject to a slew of fees and money loss if you change your mind” he said it popped up at every step of the check out process and then he said something about the receipt and it being a headboard. Headboard ? Headboard only? We were ordering a whole bed. Where’s the rest of it?
Sure enough, we ordered the wrong item.
No biggie, the order is only a few hours old and clearly we don’t want to cancel completely, we need the WHOLE bed not just the headboard.

Saturday morning first thing he called Restoration Hardware. Customer service was as nice as could be. Put a line order hold on the headboard and documented the issue with the mix up.
The verdict is still out on how it’s all going to be resolved and I will update when it does but the thing that struck me as I was talking to my husband was this:
How come your website at a luxury furniture store doesn’t ask if you’d like to buy a frame with your headboard??
-You want fries with that?
It repeats itself multiple times “do you realize the repercussions of this Custom order” but no where does it say “hey you’re only buying a headboard, do you need a frame with that” ?
If I’m correct Ikea does something like “if you are buying this you may also need this ” kind of thing.
Had Restoration Hardware done that the hubs would have realized he was about to order the “wrong” item and would not have even needed to make a custom order because apparently the full bed is a stock item – Go figure!

Sigh …..
I’ll keep you posted on the results. I’m sure I won’t lose any sleep over it, ha! But I am excited for our new bed.

Delivery is tomorrow !
Just as I suspected there was no trouble at all in fixing the mix up in the order. Their customer service was super friendly and helpful .
I cannot wait to see our new furniture.