I was chatting with a friend at a holiday gathering and she was telling me how she buys those per made gingerbread kits on clearance for like a buck. She then pulls them out a year later, hot glues them together and then let’s the kids decorate to their hearts content. I didn’t think this a half bad idea since no one really wants to eat those things anyway.

Now, the last few years I have picked up one of those pre made kits so that the kids could decorate a gingerbread house at their Tayta’s for Christmas.
Nothing crazy but enough seasonal fun that the kids looked forward to. I’ve never put much thought into it and it’s never been a huge event.

This year we were invited to a friends shop (candy/baking) to do the holiday craft of decorating houses. This would have made it so my kids could have done the craft with some of their school friends. While my daughter thought it was a great idea my son said absolutely not! “We always do the gingerbread house at Tayta’s”
I was a little surprised as I didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal…So I bought the kit and it went to Christmas.

Each year the novelty of decorating was the high priority and the eating of said house was low. We always discouraged it since there is nothing of value in a stale cardboard craft. Last year they took a nibble but dismissed it, thankfully, and in the trash it went at the end of the visit. It served its purpose and provided a lovely decoration for the duration.

This year things got dicey.
As the decorated the house they nibbled on its candy pieces. Not too unusual and it was 4 in the afternoon. They had other nutritional meals during the day and another was yet to come. I’m not a complete Scrooge though I frown highly on corn syrup products.
I can see where this is going to be a bigger challenge in the years to come so something will have to change.
This morning made all the difference in plotting out the change.

These children woke up convinced that I had told them they could eat this house for breakfast. For breakfast? Is that a joke?
This is what they told their dad. While I fought to correct the injustice because I simply stated “tomorrow” the kids vetoed and dad started to dismantle the roof. He cleaned off most of the candy pieces to hopefully lessen the sugar high and my daughter threw a fit.
Really kid?? It’s bad enough you think it’s ok to eat something that has a production date of March 2014. That’s right, that cookie is almost a year old. Ugh, disgusting.
So I told them all, a proclamation for next year….things will be different

I’m starting to think the hot glue idea isn’t half bad.
I’m mean really. If I can find some kits on sale we could have a competition instead of one house there could be a village of decor. We could turn this into something more creative with the stipulation of no eating the craft.

I proposed this and my daughter looked at me like I was crazy. I, of course, offered to make fresh gingerbread so that she could have something to eat as well. Still not sure how sold she is on the idea.

I’m gonna have to work on this.
And we’ll see what I find on sale shelves in the coming days…