Yah it’s winter.
We should expect at some point here in Michigan that it’s gonna snow. Maybe we get Icy rain or even a blizzard. Regardless of what falls from the sky we are guaranteed frigid below zero temps. You know the kind where the air hurts your face or you can feel the arctic breeze blow right through the cotton fibers of your blue jeans.
Heavy sigh….
If I haven’t mentioned it before this is not my season. I long for spring, summer or fall but never winter. I’m constantly asking my husband to find a new job anywhere south and I will hibernate on a moments notice.
I tend not to make as many plans and if the weather turns I will cancel in a heartbeat.
Now there are a whole mess of folks who say. “Ah , it’s winter , get over it” but I have to say my biggest beef with it all is how crappy our roads are taken care of.
In a state where you know it’s going to snow and With weather people being able to give fairly accurate predictions why is it you still slack on making the roads clear for morning travels.
I took my kids to school today in a mess. There was no reason the roads were not plowed except that the trucks didn’t bother.
This is partly what makes me crazy about winter. I cannot stand having to white knuckle a simple 3 mile drive to school. Afterwards I’m flat out exhausted. I need a nap!

Yes you will find me hanging out in the back of the school parking lot, drinking my coffee and texting, emailing or catching up on the news just so I can rest and wait out the morning school cluster. With the roads being dicey and the amount of accidents we’ve had on dry pavement best not to chance it.

How many days until spring and gardening season ? Wake me when we get there.
The days cannot pass fast enough.