Yay! Our furniture arrived yesterday and is Be-U-Tiful. I love love love it.

The sad news is that the dresser we ordered was about 2 inches too big for our stairway, Oops! All the measuring and we didn’t account for a 1/4 turn.
We had to send it back and now reorder one a bit smaller. Drag. I loved that big 11 drawer beauty!

Regardless of the measuring goof, the delivery guys were awesome. They worked with us and tried everything in order to make us happy. All of the pieces of furniture came pre wrapped in blankets to avoid and nicks and scratches. We were highly impressed.
Granted it was not inexpensive furniture but it’s a relief to see how everything is handled so well.

While chatting with the guys we found out that a lot of people have been buying the same style that we bought (probably due to the sale) and that they got to do a delivery and set up for one of the Detroit Red Wings players. Isn’t that an exciting job perk!! 😉 I hope they got an autograph.

All in all we are super happy with the bed and nightstands. We’ll sort out the dresser issue and finish off the room soon enough.

The way I figure it : usually the sooner the house is complete, unpacked and organized the sooner we’ll have to pack up and move somewhere else.