Do you clip coupons? Use cartwheel at Target? What about digital coupons attached to your shoppers card? 

 I actually love coupons.
It started back in middle school all due to a social studies teacher. She told of crazy stories that included double and sometimes triple coupons. Sales upon coupons upon cash back. That’s right cash back. They used to pay her to leave the store … With all of her groceries. Can you believe it? I was amazed. I was inspired and I never forgot Mrs. Gant, if you couldn’t tell.
What was funny is that she kept a box, well really it was a copy box lid but it served the purpose of holding coupons so it worked perfect . Anyway she kept this on a desk near the door. It was for you to pick through or to drop off unwanted coupons from home.
I’m not sure who participated in this. I was in 7th grade and had no idea where to get coupons nor did I have control over the shopping list in our house. What I did know was that one day I was going to make a store pay me to take my groceries home.

That day arrived sometime in my early 20’s. I managed to use enough coupons that landed me with $68 of groceries and $7 in cash. I considered that a huge win. 

Now that they’ve done away with most double coupons it’s not as easy. You certainly never see triple coupons anymore at all. 

But here’s what you can do. At places like Target you can use a cartwheel offer on top of a manufactures coupon on top of a target coupon. Stacking at its finest.

Kroger isn’t as nice. You cannot combine a digital coupon with a manufactures. It was a drag the day I found that out.

So, if you use coupons what are some of your secrets for great deals? I’d love to know how you stretch and make your dollars go farther.