Do you write reviews in Yelp?

No? You really should and I’m gonna tell you why.

Cool events. Free, Yelp sponsored rockin cool events with fun stuff, free food, Steller swag and famous people. Yup that’s right, famous people.

If you write enough reviews you get invited to be an Elite. Once that happens the invites start rolling in. Concerts, restaurants, factory tours, movies. You name it.

Last night we had free Yelp sponsored tickets to the local IMAX theater to see Secret Ocean 3D by Jean-Michel Cousteau. This is Jaques Cousteau’s son who has also made his living at exploration and conservation of the seas. He’s written books and made movies and travels around speaking of the miracles and wonders of our oceans.

We had the opportunity to meet and talk with him. He was extremely personable, funny, friendly and informative. He signed autographs and took pictures and I really cannot stop beaming from this wonderful experience.

I’m not one who gets star struck but I do love a really cool somewhat famous person who loves our earth and its creatures and is willing to share their time and experiences with us. 

I got to share a fun and educational experience with my kids who had a blast hamming it up with a famous French ocean diver guy. I can’t wait until they grow up and realize who they met last night!