The end of school usually signifies the beginning of summer. Today is indeed the last day of the school year but it is raining. And by raining I mean torrential downpour. Thunder. Lighting. The whole shebang.

The aura of it all is a little off. Celebrations are most certainly going to be cancelled and not necessarily rescheduled. Pool parties, beach bashes, picnic play dates at the park just not gonna happen today.

At drop off this morning, as I sat in the back parking lot sipping my brew, I noticed the lag. If your kid wasn’t on a bus they were slowly being filtered in by yawning sleepy parents. Most of us have already checked out. I know I never checked backed in after our return from Mexico late April. But today, this depressing raining gray day we all send our kids to school for 3 hours to play board games. Learning is so “last week”. Lockers were cleaned out yesterday along with the classrooms. Yearbooks were already signed. Nothing left to do…. But play? I have yet to really understand this last half day. I appreciate the clap out they do for the fifth graders to wish them well on their journey to middle school and maybe there is some state mandate of how many days you need on the books but as I sit here in silence I know it’s that last extreme quiet for the next 10 weeks. These last precious quiet moments that I can hear my inner thoughts without intruption.

Please do not misunderstand. I hear the moms complain about how now their kids are going to be home (of all places) ALL the time! I’m the opposite. I am one of the moms that loves summer break. I long for slower days and a freer schedule. My kids and I have written a bucket list for the summer of fun and educational things to do and places to go.  I am honestly looking forward and excited to see the result of some of our plans and ideas.

Tomorrow is our first 5k. After that the next 10 weeks will be filled with plans to visit the u-pick farms and work on the garden. Crafts, Kids yoga and swimming. A few days of cooking camp and play days with our favorite friends. Library visits, zoo days, We even have plans to write a book.

I’ll keep you posted as we go along. So grab your shades and a Popsicle it looks like it’s going to be a fun ride!