It all started with some innocent carnival won feeder fish. Just by saying the words “feeder fish” you know this won’t end well. Thunder and Lightning were welcomed in our petless house with open arms. Promptly transferred into our fish bowl of yesteryear and watched with oohs and ahhs.

I noticed that Lighting looked a bit worn. I’m guessing that being chased and scooped up by plastic cups for two hours put a strain on him. I suspected he wouldn’t make it through the night…… And I was right.

Thunder lasted almost a week and prompted a frank talk about the life and purpose of feeder fish.

“Swami Mommy predicts you will have many fish in your life young child. Please don’t cry.”

After fish funeral number one we made a trip to the pet store to fill our now empty bowl. Enter our new friend Polka Dot.

Not the peppiest fish I’ve ever seen. Actually Polka Dot looked less than thrilled to be in his new tank. And over the course of 2.5 weeks we found that, true to his name, he developed more lovely spots – ich.

Too far gone for successful treatment our lovely Polka Dot was buried on a Tuesday morning amongst the garden and near our friend Thunder. Swim free, swim on.

As luck would have it just the Saturday before on July 4th, also my daughters birthday, we decided to visit the county 4h fair. After visiting the petting zoo and looking in the barns we headed towards to Midway. The kids immediately spotted the game where you toss a ping pong ball in a bowl in order to win a goldfish. Guess who won? Yup, the birthday girl herself. And I shall name thee “Independence”

So far so good. Peppy little firecracker of a fish who has had a brush with ich and survived. 

Pray for us…..and the fish.