I have a system on school mornings at drop off. Due to the crazy insane out of this world busy parking lot at our school has I have resigned myself to drop them off in a timely manner and then parking at the back while waiting for the traffic to clear. We have had many accidents at our exit/entrance so much so that I’ve personally witnessed three of them and even went to court with one mom to testify about how it all went down.  I’ll save that and why they won’t put a traffic light for another day.

So my “system” to avoid the rush also assists me in watching my kids walk into school or on early days watch them line up outside and observe their behavior. I tend to park where I can see just enough, wait for the mass exodus of cars and safely go about my day. Keep in mind all of this takes a max of 15 minutes.

I don’t think my kids know that I drop and stick around.  Not sure how much they care. But I noticed today what I’ve actually seen before, it just didn’t register, that there are the same parents who do something similar: they drop and watch. They will stand at the end of the drive or walkway and wait until their kid has walked into the school. 

I’m not the newest parent but don’t have middle schoolers yet. How long  do we keep peeking and watching? Or does it never quite go away until they actually “go away” to school?