So in my mind it played out quite differently. You know those days when you make a plan and you assume it’s going to clip right along and you’ll be in, out and on your way. Ya, not quite.
My daughter let me know after school one day that her toes were squished in her gym shoes and she thought they were too small now. No big deal. I figured with the weekend in front of us that we would have plenty of time to shop for shoes.  

So that didn’t pan out – when we popped into a famous footwear and nordstrom rack there weren’t many options left in her size.

All is not lost I told my worrier child. We have an entire mall down the road from us. I am quite confident they have shoes.

So the big plan: 

Pick the kids up from school ✔️

Run through Children’s Place and grab pants for my son ✔️ (that took 10 minutes)

Drop over to the Nike outlet to grab shoes for the girl….. Go home, eat dinner, walk the dog and relax…. 🚫

Nope! That is NOT how it went down. Nike = no shoes in her size, Famous Footwear Outlet = no shoes in her size, Stride Rite? One pair but not her color. Footlocker…. Wow did you know that if your kids foot is bigger than a size 3 the price goes up $20! Yah, kids shoes for $70 and $85, Well That’s Fantastic ?? seriously? Shoes they will wear for a max of 3 months $85! I almost died. Footlocker for kids=0, Finishline = zippo, Journey for kids – nope but the girl says to me “if she’s wearing a 3 or 3.5 in kids that’s like a 5.5 in woman’s. RECORD SCRATCH!!! Pause, crickets chirping, Wait, what? “Oh yah, she says, totally she could wear small woman’s sizes”. Really?? It took almost 8 stores for someone to actually say something. WOW, my mind is blown that in all the stores we visited the previous 3hours not one salesperson said anything that would lead me to believe I had more options. Some of these people work on commission and nobody knew this gem of knowledge or thought to share it with me?  So onward….Champs Sports, look at all these options, there is this one and that one, by the way,  have you seen a sales person? Hellooooo? And moving on….Sports Authority, dear god let the stars be aligned, size and color match the approval of my daughter and let this be the last store we go to tonight. SCORE!! 3 pairs later we find a winner (a pair of Nikes that were probably in the first store) on sale for $49.99. I quickly signed up for text and emails from the store to get a coupon sent to me yesterday and for $42 out the door we have gym shoes.

It is now after 7pm. All prior plans have been tossed out the window. I’ll be lucky to feed them dinner as they are brushing their teeth with one foot in bed. 

I’m so happy neither kid had homework, school forms, an art project or any kind of sciency thing due the next day. On the plus side I got all my steps in for the century 😝