Since I have been eating pretty much a vegan diet I had to think about some of the yummies I’ve enjoyed in the past that were tasty yet on the healthy side.

Way on the other side of town is a market that I love. It’s the kind of place with an apothecary and loads of natural food goodies. It’s the kind of place I could happily move in and make myself at home. It’s also a little on the pricy side even if they carry items I can’t find anywhere else. One of the treats I splurge on when I’m there is organic date rolls covered in almonds. You can get the coconut variety at any Whole Foods but I have yet to see the almond ones in another store. 

A little container that holds about 10 date rolls will set you back about $8.50… Give or take depending on the weight.

Now fast forward to my latest trip to Costco where I found these beauties 

Tick tick tick says my brain. I can do this. So I snatched up the bag from Costco for about $8 and I made a plan to try to make date rolls myself.

I looked around the web a bit and ended up doing pretty much what I always end up doing …. I cross mixed a couple of recipes together. The results were great. My son and husband loved them and I’m thrilled that it takes almost no time to whip up one of my favorite sweet treats.

Here is how simple the recipe is:

20 dates and a teaspoon of water mixed in the food processor until it forms a ball.

In one batch I mixed crushed walnuts and coconut in the mix. Another I added crushed almonds in the mix.

You can then roll them in coconut or, my favorite, almonds. Or whatever you fancy.

The result:

They say you should chill them for an hour or so but I’ve always kept mine in the air tight container they came in and then stashed that in the bread box. I’ll have to see what’s the meaning behind the chill.

In the end I made about 25 rolls with a quarter bag of dates to spare. I consider this a huge win and saved a tank of gas from not going across town in the process. 😉