Along with my modified diet a couple of things my doctor recommended in order to feel better and continue to lose weight were 

1) stay away from sugar


2) stay away from gluten

I have a mild sensitivity for gluten anyway but have chosen to suffer through my carb addiction like a trooper…. Until the last 6 weeks or so.

The 21 day reset has made it easier to give it up once and for all. But there are those times that I get a hankering for something bread or cracker like.

Tonight I decided since the kids wanted pizza and we were being lazy that I would give the new gluten free pizza crust that jet’s had to offer a try.

I am still vegetarian so I got it with cheese only (I prepared some tomato slices and steamed spinach for a quick topping) 

The result was just “ok”. The flavor was good but the crust was a bit doughy in the middle. Outer edges were better but they need to figure out how to precook or toast it up a bit like a thin and crispy crust. I’d rather have an excellent crispy crust than a doughy wanna be thin crust.

It was fine for dinner as an after thought but I’ll have to start to practice for a good gf crust in the future.  I can’t see choosing this on purpose again.

I hear cauliflower crust is all the rage. Maybe I’ll check that out too.