Do you like to click click pay….oooh look it’s on my doorstep? Yah, me too!

I do. I cannot begin to tell you how I love online shopping and the ease in which I can be in 12 places at once while trying to buy holiday gifts, plan for birthday parties, send someone flowers and the like.

Do you always pause for that extra few minutes before checking out to search for a promo code? free shipping code? Anything that will give you a discount to bring your purchase price down just a hair more making it even more worth it than the saved gas to the store? I always do. When I find that great code its like hitting the flipping lottery. It is, don’t lie. Free shipping that saves you 10 or 15 bucks is huge. A 20% discount helps off set tax just a little.

So If you haven’t seen this or heard of it it’s called Coupon Cabin. I thinks its been around a while and I finally tried it a couple months ago. Now its not a huge deal but every little bit counts. The cool thing is that a ton, I mean a ton, of stores are participating in it. So I ordered from Ulta (saved a trip) and Petco (why carry a dog crate if they’ll deliver) and while I could still use regular promo codes I got a percentage of my purchase back deposited in cash into my paypal account. Cool right?

They will advertise promos that get you higher %’s back like any other site trying to encourage spending. The trick is that you have to start at Coupon Cabin and click through their site to get to where you want to go. But I figured out a lot of sites save your shopping carts contents if you sign into your account then once you click through Coupon Cabin it’s still there. Easy peasey.

Anyway – here’s a link if you want to try it. I like it and that’s the only reason I’m sharing it. They haven’t asked me to…I’m pretty sure they have no idea who I am really. But I’m totally about save as many pennies as you can to make those hard earned bucks go just that much farther. Enjoy!