I’m fully aware that my blog has been missing during the last number of months. A while ago I may have mentioned that we  (as a family) were attempting to move from Michigan to North Carolina. 

The long and short of it is the Michigan house was put up for sale last July, took 4 crazy months to sell (after being taken off the market) and then we were ferociously packing in the dead of winter so that we could drive south to meet the moving truck 4 days later.

It’s been a bit of an adventure. A great adventure but one nonetheless.

When I posted on fb about the move I was surprised at how many people thought I was courageous. Over and over people praised my courage for moving my family to another state. I was actually surprised. Like for real. Courage never crossed my mind. Escaping winter yes, courage no.  But the more I look at people and dynamics and then reflect on some of the “good bye” conversations I had I realize how many people would never think to pick up and move even if they really wanted to. 

I’ve watched people move over and over and never quite thought they were the most daring people I knew. I just thought they were doing what they wanted and needed to do for their goals and happiness. And while I know fear or the feeling of being stuck holds people back from things all the time I’ve never quite attached it to physically moving until now. 

People move on from things all the time. Bad habits, relationships, jobs, business or products that no longer serve them in a satisfactory way. People move. I moved. It was time to feed my soul a better diet. Give my mind and heart the peace it deserved.

I do miss my Michigan people. I love you guys and always will. Some will stay in touch with me and we will continue no different then my other friends around the world. Some won’t be able to continue based on proximity. I still love you and I understand. If I show up in your dreams or a pleasant thought know I am thinking of you too.

This article I read today prompted me to write these thoughts.

Sending you all wishes of success. Always keep moving forward.


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