Hello and Welcome!!

Its kind of a kick to see how I went from a city girl to a semi-country living mom, canning, learning to garden and grow food, green going, garbage picking, terracyle collecting, organic and non gmo preaching, all loving, earth friendly kind of gal.

I’ve always loved the finer things in life and still do. I try to be practical and I truly enjoy things of quality whether it be people, places or things.

I consider myself a Modern Farmer. Up to date but still old school in my new found ways. New not as in “just found”, new as in new to me. Learning about how things used to be done and realizing it was done right. So right that it shouldn’t have been messed with.

I dont quite have a farm in the traditional sense, yet. We are interested in land and have our eye out for something in 8+ acres. The more we garden and grow our own food, bake our own bread, the more desire we have to grow even more and buy even less. You’ll see a couple post about this past summers garden. Also some of my canning of jams and sauces. All from some peapods, a small watermelon and a boatload of tomatoes has grown the desire for my own orchard and full blown garden farm.

I am still amazed that we can make people. Giving birth was a great experience for me.

I am thrilled and amazed at what we can do about producing our own healthy food. Why should you have to buy food laced with all sorts of additives and poison when you can make your own or buy from a local farmer?

Technology and advancement is awesome but wisdom is knowing that it doesnt all work. Some things weren’t quite broken and didnt need to be fixed.

Yes, we live in suburbia. Enough out in the country that we have farms, orchards and farming within 30minutes in all directions but dont get me wrong there is still a Costco and a Target within 2 miles.

We also have LandFills. A not so pretty and and helpful push for me and my family to try to recycle as much as possible. I also run the Terracyle program at my kids school. You will see some stuff about that as well. Terracycle rocks!! Great for schools to teach eco-responsibilty and also raise funds for kids programs.

So here goes our whirlwind trip into the blog world.

Thanks for coming along, I hope you enjoy the ride!

*** as a disclaimer
Sometimes I may post items that I have been paid to blog about.


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